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JUNG, Byung-Guk

1948  Born in Daegu, South Korea

1970  B.F.A Seoul National University

1976  M.F.A Seoul National University

1980 - 2013  Professor, School of Fine Arts, Yeungnam University


2019  Eul Gallery, Daegu

2012  Gallery Bundo, Daegu

        IL WOO Space, Seoul

2010  NUOVO gallery, Daegu

2008  Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

         Suseong Artpia, Hoban gallery, Daegu    

2007  Maekhyang Gallery, Daegu

         Bow Gallery, Ulsan

2004  Shilla Gallery, Daegu   

         BIBI Space, Daejun    

2003  HanGiSook Gallery, Daegu   

         Rho Gallery, Seoul    

2002  Cigong Gallery, Daegu    

2001  Gallery M, Daegu   

1997  Shilla Gallery, Daegu    

1995  Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Daegu    

         Shilla Gallery, Daegu    

1994  Inkong Gallery, Daegu  

1993  Inkong Gallery, Seoul  

1992  Inkong Gallery, Daegu    

         Shilla Gallery, Daegu    

         GongKan Gallery, Busan    

1991  Inkong Gallery, Seoul    

1988  Inkong Gallery, Daegu    

         Inkong Gallery, Seoul    

1987  Duson Gallery, Seoul    

1986  Grorich Gallery, Seoul    


2006  Chicago Art Fair, Chicago, USA

         Korean International Art Fair , Seoul

2005  Art Cologne, Colgne, Germany

2004  Daegu Contemporary Artists Association Fund Raising Show, Space 129, Daegu

         Daegu Leading Artists, Daegu Leading Artists, Daegu Culture & Arts Center

2003  Milano Show, Daegu Culture & Arts Center

         Daegu Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition, Daegu Municipal House

         New Frontier, Daegu Contemporary Artists Association

2002  Daegu Art EXPO 2002, Daegu Culture & Arts Center

         Museum Art Show, Yeungnam Universtiy Museum, Daegu

2001  Daegu Modern Art Sight, Daegu Culture & Arts Center

2000  Daegu Contemporary Artists Association Show, Daegu Cultrue & Arts Center Size A4, Space 129, Daegu

1999  Daegu Contemporary Artists Association Show, Daegu Culture & Arts Center

         Baek, Nam jun Fund Raising Show, Daebaek Plaza Gallery, Daegu

         E-Who Show, Daegu Culture & Arts Center Private Drawings, Space 129, Daegu

1998  Daegu Contemporary Artist Association Founding Show, Daegu Culture & Arts Center

         Space 129 Opening Show, Daegu

         Daegu 32 Artisits, Daegu Culture & Arts Center

1997  Korean Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon

         MANIF SEOUL 1997, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

1996  Asian Art 1996, Daegu Culture & Arts Center

1995  50th Anniversary of Independence Day, Seoul Gallery

         Daegu Modern Art celebration 50th Anniversary of Independence Day, Daegu Culture & Arts Center

1994  12 Men Group Show, Cigong Gallery, Daegu

         Korean Modern Art 27 Artists Aphorism, World Gallery, Busan

1993  14 Modern Artists, Cigong Gallery, Daegu

         Portraits, Expression of Life, Hyundae Art Gallery, Seoul

         Total Art Grand Awards, Total Art Gallery, JangHung, GyeongGi-Do

1992  Korean Modern Art 21 Men Show, Gallery 21, Seoul

         Modern Art, Gallery Time, Seoul

         Galley Art Show, Seoul Art Center

1991  Individualism and Expression, Saemtuh Gallery, Seoul

         Professors Show, Yeungnam University Museum, Daegu

         Moving Gallery, Toured in various cities in Korea

         Korean Modern Art, Muzejski, Yugoslavia Leadlers in 90s, Saemtuh Gallery, Seoul

         Inkong Gallery Special Show, Daegu

1990  Surrealism, Galleria Art, Seoul

         Young Perspective, Future Proposition, Seoul Art Center

1989  Shape of 80s, Gumho Art Gallery, Seoul

1988  Gallery Art Show, Hoam Museum, Seoul

         Gallery SeoMee Opening Show, Daegu

1987  Korean Modern Art: Artists in Daegu, Osaka, Japen

1986 Daegu Nature Show, Taebaek Gallery, Daegu

         Todays Daegu; 29 Men Show, Hyun Gallery, Daegu

         Seoul National University Anniversary Show,

         Seoul National University, Seoul

1985  Todays Art in Daegu, Sue Gallery, Daegu

         Professors Show, Taebaek Gallery, Daegu

1984  Todays Art in Daegu, Sue Gallery, Daegu

         Modern Artists Show, Osaka, Japen

         80 years of Painting in Daegu, Dongwha Gallery, Daegu

1983  Daegu Art Show 1983, Taebaek Gallery, Daegu

         Korean Modern Print Art, Sue gallery, Daegu

         The Mind of Eyes, Grorich Gallery, Seoul


National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon    

Hoam Museum, Seoul    

Posco Art Museum, Seoul    

Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Daegu 




Daegu Korean Fine Arts Association Award(Invited Artist Award)    


Total Art Award 



Talk about My Art, “Art Monthly”, April         


Bridging Self and Outer World, “Art Review”, Issue 1      

Melancholy and Silence; Mixed Allegory, “Art Monthly”, December     


Leading Artist in 1980s and Their Work, “Art Monthly” December 

The Travel to Human and World; the Space of Real Existence, “Sun Art”, Issue 40


Psychological Rebel of Strange Images, “Gongkan Magazine”, Issue 265   

Beyond Reality Origin and The Dialogue form Meeting, “Art Post”, Issue 10     

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