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Inseong, Park

Master student_ Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg (Prof. Heike Baranowsky)_Germany

Fine Art_ Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg (Prof. Heike Baranowsky)_Gerrmany

BA_Fine Art_Keimyung University_Daegu_Korea


Selected Exhibition

2019      Roadshow: From Shanghai to Chongqing, Total Museum of Art / Shanghai Korean

                      Cultural Center, Shanghai, China (Upcoming)

               Floated Documentary, Solo Exhibition, Eul Gallery, Daegu, Korea

               Open Studio, Art Factory, Daegu, Korea

               Staires Art Fair, Staires, Daegu, Korea

               Young Artists Exhibition, Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea

2018      Motion Art Film Prize Festival_Schwerte_Germany

2017      U-Turn_Borgo Ensemble_Nuremberg_Germany

               Hyperstition_Lite-Haus Projektraum_Berlin_Germany

               This is Plural_Edel Extra_Nuremberg_Germany

2014      The Open Side_Wiensowski & Harbord_Berlin_Germany

2013      Curtain up_Class Baranowsky_Neues Museum_Nuremberg_Germany

2010      Ha Ha Ha_Mir gallery_Phohang_Korea

2009      EXIT_Gallery Shinla Cube C_Daegu_ Korea


Selected Awards

2019       Artists at the 9th Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, Korea

2018       Motion Art Film Prize Festival_Schwerte_Germany

               Class award from friends of AdBK Nuremberg_Nuremberg_Germany

2017      Class award from friends of AdBK Nuremberg_Nuremberg_Germany

2016      Scholarship for foreign students_Nuremberg_Germany

2015      DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements of foreign students at the

               German universities (with Sungduk Park)_Nuremberg_Germany

2013      Scholarship for foreign students_Nuremberg_Germany

2012      Class award from friends of AdBK Nuremberg_Nuremberg_Germany

2011      (Foundation) Dongil Cultural Scholarship Foundation Excellent

               Scholarship_Keimyung University_Daegu _Korea



2019      Lectured at Keimyung University College of Fine Arts

               Yeongnam Ilbo Culture Walk Essay, Yeongnam Ilbo, Daegu, Korea

               Daegu Art Factory Long-term Artist, Art Factory, Daegu, Korea

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